The P.H.A.T. System

A custom guitar with the patented Predice Hendricks Acoustic Tremolo – the P.H.A.T. System is now available to order

The patented Predice Hendricks Acoustic Tremolo “P.H.A.T.” System allows the user to manipulate tension of all strings on an acoustic guitar. The function provides chord or individual note pitch adjustment with the ability to return to original tuning. Manual manipulation forces are contained within the structure of the P.H.A.T. System to prevent any undue stressing on the body or soundboard of the acoustic guitar. Adjustment of the manual handle force, commonly known as a wammy bar, is attainable through allan wrench settings or different spring selection in the system per the user’s preference.

Predice Hendricks’ vision came to reality with the efforts of skilled luthier Ramon “Boot” Arreola, Jr., owner of B.A. Ferguson Guitars, in 2012 with the completion of the first prototype. The model has passed the test of time in retaining consistent tune despite the manipulation of the string tension. With the P.H.A.T. System available to acoustic guitarists, the envelope of technique and tonal boundaries has been expanded.

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